Wire Shelving Systems

Wire Shelving Systems

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Choose from a variety of different sizes and finishes. Wire shelving dimensions range from 18"D to 24"D, 24"W to 72"W as well as a range of different heights. Adjustable wire shleves are also available. Bulk storage racks, Gravity Flow Racks, and Supply Carts come in a variety of different sizes depending on the requirement. Please contact your local DSI Territory Manager at 800.393.6090.

Bulk Storage Racks

Stationary Wire Shelving
Mobile Wire Shelving
Mobile Solid Shelving


Modu-Wall Shelving
Mobile Modu-Wall Shelving
Modu-Wall Shelf

Linen Carts

Standard Duty Linen Cart with Back and Side Panels (we also offer covers)
Medium Duty Linen Carts (we also offer covers)
Heavy Duty Linen Cart (we also offer covers)

Wire Shelving

Wall Mounted Wire Shelving
Single Bracket Shelving
Multi Bracket Wall Shelving
Cantilever Wall Shelving

Suture Carts

Single and Double Sided Suture Cart
Single and Double Sided Suture Cart
Four Shelf Double Sided Suture Cart
Five Shelf Double-Sided Suture Cart 
High Desnity Basket Suture Cart

Wrap Carts

Blue Wrap Cart
Low Profile Sterile Wrap Cart
High Profile Sterile Wrap Cart

Gravity Flow Racks

Gravity Flow Rack

Open Case Carts

Stationary Security Cart
Mobile Security Cart
Heavy Duty Mobile Security Cart

Dunage Racks

Stationary Dunnage Rack
Mobile Dunnage Rack
Channel Dunnage Rack
Plastic Dunnage Rack
Stackable Wire Dunnage Rack