Best Practices for Managing a Healthcare Supply Chain

/ By DSI Marketing TeamApril 3, 2023

The healthcare supply chain is one of the most important facets when it comes to optimizing the processes and tasks of any healthcare organization.

Without a well-maintained and efficient supply chain, the organization may suffer from a range of negative side-effects such as a bottlenecked production process, loss of productivity from the staff, and inability to meet the needs that are everpresent within the healthcare industry.

Let's have a closer look at these best practices and how properly managing the healthcare supply chain can effectively bring positive change to any healthcare organization.

Understanding the Basics of Healthcare Supply Chains

The supply chain of a healthcare facility is the first line of defense that it has. Without a good supply chain, the organization may face devastating consequences that impede its functions and the ways in which it tackles new tasks.

When the supply chain is optimized, and the healthcare organization is able to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry, this allows the facility to operate at its absolute highest potential.

Some of the benefits that come with a streamlined healthcare supply chain include:

  • Boost in productivity
  • Increased efficiency
  • Ability to consistently meet demand
  • Patient and customer satisfaction
  • Lowered expenditure across the board

These are all fundamentally important benefits that serve to drastically alter a healthcare organization for the better whilst providing a large number of opportunities for improvement. In order to achieve this desired process, let's have a closer look at some of the best practices a healthcare organization can change in order to streamline this imperative facet.

Best Practices for Managing a Healthcare Supply Chain

While it may seem like a somewhat daunting and monumental task to adapt the supply chain for the better, dealing with each individual factor that affects it is the best way to take a step-by-step approach to improve the total supply chain.

With a strong foundation, a healthcare organization has the freedom to achieve its goals and benchmarks without being hindered by bottlenecked processes. Here are some best practices that any healthcare organization can implement to ensure a better supply chain process.

Collaborate with Suppliers

Collaboration is key within any industry. As the old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, and the same can be said for a healthcare organization. Without a good collaborative effort from the suppliers, it can often be difficult to receive the resources necessary to meet the needs that are present.

Ensuring that there is a clear line of communication between the suppliers and the organization is a fundamentally important step in streamlining the supply chain process.

Effective collaboration with suppliers can often lead to benefits such as lowered costs, higher quality materials, faster delivery of materials, and a better understanding of what needs must be fulfilled.

Implement Inventory Management Systems

Inventory management systems are an innovative means of improving the supply chain facet of any healthcare organization. This can come in many different forms, which include the means by which inventory is stored and managed.

With the right tools and processes in place, inventory can be effectively managed to ensure that demand is always met whilst also lowering the chance of spending far too much on resources that are not required.

When inventory is closely monitored, identifying evolving needs becomes easier for the organization which thus allows accurate decision-making and inventory acquisition.

Standardize Products and Processes

As mentioned before, a good grip on the inventory that is needed and currently accessible is essential. If there is a large quantity of unneeded materials that is present, this could result in a massive loss for the organization.

Being able to standardize products and process is an efficient means of ensuring that the task of data collection is simplified. When utilizing the correct inventory management systems, the standardization of processes allows for tracking, communicating, forecasting, and acquiring materials to become more streamlined and efficient.

This provides the organization with the ample tools and knowledge necessary for good decision-making and financial awareness, whilst also boosting productivity and streamlined workflow.

Optimize Inventory Levels

Ensuring that the right level of inventory is always met, is an innovative means of tracking organizational expenditure. Before ordering new materials, it is essential to identify current market trends and plot a course toward the developing need that may arise.

Due to the nature of most material types, remaining on the shelf for extended periods of time may cause the material to become ineffective and thus prove to be a deficit for the organization. 

When inventory levels are met, there is an adequate additional material inventory that is acquired to meet unexpected demand, whilst more emphasis is placed on more pressing materials.

Being able to balance supply, stock, and demand is the best way for a healthcare organization to optimize the supply chain and have a more secure grounding in its processes.

Streamline Procurement Processes

The procurement process is the lifeblood of any supply chain process. When this process is streamlined, it allows for the organization to receive the materials needed, when it is needed. 

Having good communication with a supplier, along with the correct inventory management and tracking procedures is a definite way of streamlining the procurement process. When this process is streamlined, it allows the organization to tackle pressing issues without the harmful effects of wasting time and productivity.

Ensure Product Quality and Safety

Product quality and safety is one of the crucial aspects of supply chain management. Partnering with the right supplier that offers quality, quantity, and competitive pricing is an extraordinary means to meet this need.

In the healthcare industry, the quality of a product truly matters. Being able to spend an excessive amount on quality while forsaking quantity can prove to be a troubling matter for any organization.

Ensuring that your supplier is able to provide on both fronts is the best means to address this issue while also meeting the necessary benchmarks for customer/patient safety.

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