DSI offers 36% Space Savings with our High Density Basket System
Take a look at the features of the Modu-Max High Density Supply Storage system for your Supply Chain, SPD, and OR Core. Our basket benefits provide a 100% basket extension, adjustable compartments, PAR level management, custom labeling, and so much more.

Stop Stacking & Start Tackling - DSI's Sterile Instrument Storage
DSI has a 'Game Changer'. The Modu-Max CTS Sterile Instrument Storage System is more than a shelving unit; it is a tool, a resource, a good teammate that equips hospital employees with the right system to help do their job more efficiently, safely, and easier without compromise. With the Modu-Max CTS, EVERYBODY Wins! Turn up your volume and enjoy the launch of our new DSI video!
Modu-Cell: High Density Medical Supply Storage
Take a tour with our DSI mascot, ‘Scrubs’ as he explores the feature of our enclosed medical supply storage system, Modu-Cell, for your OR Suites and OR Core, providing 20% time saving plus a multitude of additional features to benefit your employees and patients.
DSI - Customer Testimonials: Hospital Sterile Processing Department, Operating Room, Supply Chain 
Attention to all Healthcare professionals working in the Sterile Processing Department, Operating Rooms, Supply Chain Dept. and other disciplines throughout an acute care facility, here are some customer endorsements highlighting their experience working with DSI. 
Facility Tour | MODU-MAX System
Take a tour of a facility featuring out MODU-MAX and MODU-MAX CTS. Get to know all the in's and out's of our MODU-MAX system that can help your department optimize space and increase productivity!
Organization Tips and Tricks with DSI
When it comes to healthcare, speed and efficiency are the names of the game. Responding quickly requires good coordination, ready-to-deploy tools and equipment, and last but not least—reliable healthcare storage solutions that help track and maintain an updated inventory.
5 Things to Look For - Medical Supply Carts
Most hospitals, surgical centers, urgent care clinics, and other medical facilities have medical supply carts. But it can be difficult to decide which design or type is best for a unit because each has distinct patient capacities and demands.

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