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Keep Supplies Neatly Stored And Organized With Medical Wire Shelving

Wire Shelving Systems

Medical Wire Shelving

Choose from a variety of different sizes and finishes. Wire shelving dimensions range from 18"D to 24"D, 24"W to 72"W as well as a range of different heights. Adjustable wire shleves are also available. Bulk storage racks, Gravity Flow Racks, and Supply Carts come in a variety of different sizes depending on the requirement.

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Bulk Storage Racks
Stationary Wire Shelving
Mobile Wire Shelving
Mobile Solid Shelving
Modu-Wall Shelving
Mobile Modu-Wall
Mobile Modu-Wall Shelving
Modu-Wall Shelf
Modu-Wall Shelf
Linen Carts
Standard Duty Linen Cart with Back and Side Panels (we also offer covers)
Medium Duty Linen Carts (we also offer covers)
Heavy Duty Linen Cart (we also offer covers)

Wire Shelving

Wall Mounted Wire Shelving
Single Bracket Shelving
Multi Bracket Wall Shelving
Multi Bracket Wall Shelving
Cantilever Wall Shelving
Suture Carts
Single and Double Sided Suture Cart
Single and Double Sided Suture Cart
Four Shelf Double Sided Suture Cart
Five Shelf Double-Sided Suture Cart
High Density Basket Suture Cart
Wrap Carts
Blue Wrap Cart
Blue Wrap Cart
Low Profile Sterile Wrap Cart
High Profile Sterile Wrap Cart
Gravity Flow Racks
Gravity Flow Rack
Open Case Carts
Stationary Security Cart
Wire Shelving Systems
Mobile Security Cart
Heavy Duty Mobile Security Cart
Dunage Racks
Stationary Dunnage Rack
Mobile Dunnage Rack
Channel Dunnage Rack
Plastic Dunnage Rack
Stackable Wire Dunnage Rack

Get First-Rate Medical Wire Shelving from DSI

Hospitals and medical facilities have a vast array of supplies in multiple locations to ensure the optimal care of patients at all times. As hospitals and other healthcare facilities experience shortages of important supplies, they look for ways to increase storage capacity by utilizing medical wire shelving while keeping costs under control.

Adjustable shelves are a reliable as well as an affordable way to store supplies where they are readily accessible. From mobile systems that move on tracks to wire shelving in hospital supply rooms or even multiple tiers of free-standing shelving—wire shelving can be used in any location or facility to solve storage problems.

With rolling wire shelves that move on tracks, you can shrink your storage space requirements while increasing storage capacity.

DSI: Offering High-Quality Medical Wire Shelving

With the healthcare industry's constant growth, medical facilities and laboratories are being held to new standards of organization, cleanliness, and safety. DSI has the knowledge, expertise, and resources to assemble a comprehensive healthcare storage solutions tailored specifically to meet the unique requirements of your medical facility.

At DSI, we use a LEAN inventory management system that gives you more space by reducing waste and stock-outs, while completely eliminating damage & loss. Our products are designed to be easy to clean, robust enough for constant use, and efficient at organizing supplies.

Smart Storage Solutions: High-Quality Wire Shelving

The safety of your medical facility and the infection control of your environment is of the utmost importance. While custom-built wire rack shelving can be the perfect solution for your medical supplies storage needs, what DSI has to offer is not just shelves—but a customized tailored system for you.

Our extensive inventory includes many shelving options in a variety of sizes and finishes and colors to match any medical environment.

We've got everything you need to keep your space organized, including;

  • Bulk storage racks
  • Modu-wall
  • Linen carts
  • Wire shelving
  • Suture carts
  • Wrap carts
  • Gravity flow racks
  • Open case carts
  • Dunnage racks

Benefits of Wire Shelving for Medical Storage

Let's be honest, some medical supplies and instruments are delicate. With the expenses and vulnerabilities associated with medical items, you wouldn't want to store them in a way that could be detrimental as well, right? There are many advantages to using wire shelving as opposed to other storage options, and we are going to discuss each one in detail.

Dust Protection
Lateral wire shelving is the ideal choice for dust-free storage in medical facilities. It provides the open airflow needed to prevent the accumulation of dust and other contaminants, while also allowing for easy cleaning and inspection.
Air Circulation
Traditional storage systems can create pockets of stagnant air, which are especially dangerous in hospitals and labs. The open structure of wire shelving allows air to flow through your facility, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and infections—and preventing mold growth and dust accumulation.
Better Visibility
Clear visibility allows for quick and easy identification of equipment, supplies, and patients. Wire sliding shelving provides this clear visibility, allowing for more efficient use of space and an improved operational flow.
Fire Protection
The fire-resistant properties of wire shelving make it a good choice for protecting items that need to be stored in areas where there's a risk of fire, such as laboratories or pharmacies.

Get in Touch With a Local Representative Today!

At DSI, we offer expertise in all things storage systems, wire shelving, and installation. Maintaining a stock of durable medical cart wire shelving can lead to many benefits, such as increased safety and reduced costs.

There are all kinds of options available out there, any of which can be tailored to your unique needs.

Choose from a variety of different sizes and finishes. Wire shelving dimensions range from 18"D to 24"D and 24"W to 72"W, as well as a range of different heights.

Adjustable wire shelves are also available. Bulk storage racks, gravity flow racks, and supply carts come in a variety of different sizes depending on the requirement. Don't be the one left behind.

Please contact our local territory manager at 800-393-6090 at DSI today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of shelving?
Shelving systems are used within a hospital system to store, manage, and control supplies throughout the hospital.
What are the different types of shelves?
There are many different syles of shelving systems out there. The most common is wire shelving although the more efficient system for smaller unit of measure items is a high density basket system. Wire shelving with plastic bins, wall mounted pegboard, mobile carts, track system, and built-in casework are all common throughout a hospital.
What are the advantages of shelving?
Space, time, money, safety, compliance, and overall efficiency comes first in mind when it comes to adopting DSI’s storage systems. The opposite is true if a customer us using the wrong shelving system in the wrong application.
How much weight can wire shelves hold?
Wire shelving is rated at 200lbs up to 800lbs. It depends on the type of racking system.
What size do wire shelves come in?
A variety of wire shelving dimensions are available from as narrow as 24”W and as wide as 72”W. The depth goes from 12”D to as deep as 48”D.

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