DSI's Value Added Process

Our consultative approach focuses on solving our customers storage problems whether it being work flow congestion, floor space constraints, PAR level management, compliance issues, employee safety, and really anything else related to inventory management... DSI has the knowledge base and experience needed to identify and solve storage related issues in the healthcare field.

Storage Consultation

Storage Analysis - we assess, audit, and measure your inventory and PAR levels, we measure the room to determine the most optimal storage system for your department, we recommend processes that will reduce wasted square and cubic space, and suggest ways to improve your storage capacity.
Understanding Workflow - we custom configure our storage systems to improve employee efficiencies and productivity in all supply areas while reducing employee guesswork when finding and restocking supplies.
Inventory Management - during our consultation, we analyze PAR levels and usage levels which ultimately helps reduce operating costs, which equates to an increase in the hospitals bottom line and better patient care.

Design & Engineering

We design a custom configured system around your specific needs:
Department and inventory measurements
Architectural CAD drawings are then developed
An ROI is created based on customer input
Initial design's are submitted for department review
Customer buy in on future room layout, design, and work flow
Procurement from one source eliminates the need for multiple vendors


This part of the process is where DSI goes above and beyond our competition.
Convenient and timely product delivery
Assurance of product quality
Product Assembly and Installation
Inventory Transfer and complete turn key implementation
Support in labeling and organizing inventory
DSI prides itself on assembly, installation, and most importantly after-sales SERVICE! We ensure the product is installed according to spec, then help with your support in transferring the inventory from the old system to DSI's new LEAN Inventory Management System. In the end, we will ensure a successful physical installation and system implementation that best fits your business needs while keeping your employees focused on paitent care.


"Not only did DSI meet our needs for a state of the art case cart and high density storage system but they provided exceptional quality and customer care. From working with Trevor and the DSI team I know the service they will give us will go above and beyond. It has been a pleasure to be a true partner with DSI and their team".
Suzanne Hallet
Scripps Memorial La Jolla, Supply Chain Manager

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