Custom Stainless Steel OR Cabinets


OR Cabinets


  • Customize stainless steel cabinet with glass or solid stainless steel doors
  • Inside lined with DSI's patented Modu-Cell interior
  • All basket and shelving accessories implemented in seconds with no tools required.
  • Combine plastic baskets, wire baskets, totes, flat solid shelves, flat wire shelves, heavy-duty runners, cath hangers, and scope holders—all adjustable in 1" increments—into the cabinet for a custom finish
  • Available with an electronic lock, key lock, or no lock available
  • All stainless casework or cabinetry is built to specified sizes
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DSI Modu-Cab
Lean Storage Overview
Lean Storage Overview

What Are Operating Room Cabinets?

Operating room cabinets serve a wide variety of purposes, from warming blankets to storing medical supplies and equipment for medical procedures. These cabinets can be ordered in many sizes so the dimensions precisely match the available space in your operating room.

They often have drawers built-in, along with numerous shelf options to organize instruments. These types of cabinets also feature tempered glass doors and can be installed as a free-standing stainless steel cabinet or built into the wall.

Distribution Systems International designs and builds a full line of operating room cabinetry to maximize storage space. Our mission is to serve the people that serve others, and that becomes obvious from the time your team starts using our operating room cabinets.

To get a custom cabinet quote for your operating room, contact Distribution Systems International today.

Custom Cabinet Solutions for Operating Rooms

Every operating room is unique, which means the storage cabinets in them need to be equally unique as well. Operating room cabinets by Distribution Systems International are designed to provide easy access to surgical supplies no matter the layout of the room.

The combination of adjustable shelves and hinged glass doors in cabinets with casters delivers the ultimate mobility for surgical supplies.

The modern hospital demands flexibility that's built into each and every cart and cabinet. Fast-paced floors and busy operating rooms can't be held back by disorganization and a lack of mobile supply storage. Custom solutions ensure these crucial areas of the hospital flow smoothly 24/7, 365 days a year.

Types of Operating Room Cabinets

Cabinets for operating rooms come in many sizes and configurations. Each can be equipped with the width and length requirements of your room, along with lockable doors and the ability to roll to different rooms.

Examples of operating room cabinets include:

Blanket and Fluid Warming Cabinets

Operating rooms are some of the coldest places in hospitals and outpatient surgery centers. This can make it a struggle to keep patients comfortable and help them maintain the proper body temperature.

Cabinets can be equipped with a heating function so blankets and fluids can be kept warm so patients never drift into the hypothermic territory.

Case Carts

Another common type of cabinet found in operating rooms is the case cart. These mobile carts have caster wheels on them to provide a free range of movement. When every moment counts, having easy access to sterilized, critical instruments like scalpels and scissors kept in sterile cases can make all the difference.

Rather than workers needing to carry heavy cases of tools one by one, these carts make it effortless to transport everything that's needed for the surgical procedure.

Customized Operating Room Storage Cabinets

Some types of equipment need to remain in the operating room at all times. In these cases, having storage cabinets that are built into the walls helps conserve crucial space for mobile equipment, carts, and hospital beds.

Designing the most effective floor layout in an operating room helps surgical teams work more efficiently, saving precious time and potentially lives.

Operating Room Cabinets: Designed and Engineered for Your Needs

DSI has an expert design team that specializes in custom-configured storage systems for each of our client’s unique needs. Numerous factors go into building the most efficient storage cabinet solution.

The design and engineering aspect of the process includes:

  • Department and inventory measurements
  • Architectural CAD drawings are then developed
  • An ROI is created based on customer input
  • Initial designs are submitted for department review
  • Customer buy-in on future room layout, design, and workflow
  • Procurement from one source eliminates the need for multiple vendors

Different Uses of Operating Room Cabinets

The uses of operating room cabinets span a wide array of situations. From warming up blankets for patients to storing vital fluids and surgical equipment—the details of each cabinet need to account for the way your surgical teams work.

Distribution Systems International’s Storage Consultation

The initial design consultation is crucial for choosing the right operating cabinets to satisfy your specific needs.

Storage Analysis

We assess and measure your inventory and room to determine an optimal storage system for a reduction in wasted space.

Understanding Workflow

We custom configure storage systems for greater employee ergonomics and ease of finding the proper supplies and tools, leading to improvements in productivity.

Inventory Management

We analyze your periodic automatic replenishment (PAR) levels and usage rates to determine the optimal balance of storage and access. This helps reduce operating costs, increasing both your hospital's bottom line and level of patient care.

Partner with a Trusted Operating Room Cabinets Manufacturer

Our superior client service experience starts with a detailed consultation to uncover all potential improvements in efficiency. Ultimately, we show up each day to serve clients who serve others.

Experience the Distribution Systems International difference by reaching out for a consultation about your operating room storage needs.

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