• Healthcare Storage Solutions Designed with Employee Safety and Patient Care in Mind

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    The right people doing the right jobs.
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    DSI has the knowledge base and experience in identifying and solving storage related issues in the healthcare field.
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    We provide people the space and the tools they need to do their jobs in a way that makes them safer, productive and efficient.
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Providing Smart Healthcare Storage Solutions

In the healthcare environment, being organized and maximizing valuable floor space can mean saving lives.

The less time hospital personnel spend looking for the right inventory, the more time they have applying their medical knowledge to treat patients. Fast and efficient care can be the difference between life and death, which is why DSI's healthcare storage solutions are so critical for hospitals, surgery centers, and medical office buildings to implement.  

DSI's products and processes are designed with employee safety and patient care in mind.  




Our Products
DSI has both the knowledge and experience that is needed to identify and solve storage related issues in the healthcare field. We provide people the space and the tools they need to do their jobs in a way that makes them safer, productive and efficient.
High Quality Products
Providing efficient healthcare storage systems that will increase employee productivity, decrease cost of labor, and increase bottom line savings.
Consultative Services
Consultative Services
Provided by storage professionals focused on impacting patient care through supply chain improvements.

Providing Efficient Healthcare Storage

DSI is a leading provider of healthcare storage solutions for hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and medical office buildings. Using LEAN inventory management systems, we provide our clients with premier healthcare storage solutions and cutting-edge medical supplies systems with exceptional quality and customer care.

Our well-trained team of knowledgeable professionals is here to assist you with high-quality storage systems and the resources you require to ensure the success of your project.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a specialist, contact DSI today to learn more about how we can provide you with high-quality storage solutions for your needs.

Offering More Than Storage Solutions to Hospitals and Medical Facilities

DSI is proud to be a leading provider of high-quality storage systems. Our collaborative approach is guided by lean principles in order to create innovative, superior storage solutions to solve storage-related issues in the healthcare field.

Storage Consultation

Through our modern storage solutions, we can maximize your available space and increase productivity.

Storage Analysis

We assess, audit, and measure your inventory and PAR levels; we measure the room to determine the best storage system; we recommend processes to prevent wasting valuable space, and we suggest ways to increase your space and storage capacity.

Understanding Workflow

We tailor our storage systems to improve employee efficiencies and productivity in all supply areas while reducing employee guesswork when finding and restocking supplies.

Inventory Management

During our consultation, we analyze PAR levels and usage levels, which helps reduce operating costs, resulting in an increase in the hospital's bottom line and better patient care.

Design and Engineering

We create a custom-configured system based on your specific requirements:

  • Measurements for departments and inventories
  • Architectural CAD drawings are created
  • Based on customer feedback, an ROI is calculated
  • Initial designs are submitted to the department for approval
  • Customer participation in future room layout, supplies storage, design, and workflow
  • Purchasing from a single source eliminates the need for multiple vendors

This is the stage where DSI outperforms our competitors.

  • Product delivery that is both convenient and timely
  • Product quality assurance
  • Assembly and installation of the product
  • Inventory transfer as well as full turnkey implementation
  • Help with inventory labeling and organization
  • DSI takes great pride in its assembly, installation, and, most importantly, after-sales service!

We ensure that the product is installed correctly, and then assist you in transferring inventory from the old system to DSI's new LEAN Inventory Management System. Finally, we will ensure a successful physical installation and system implementation that is tailored to your company's needs while keeping your employees focused on patient care.

Featuring High-Quality Storage Products

High-quality medical storage has an impact on all aspects of the healthcare industry. Comprehensive hospital storage solutions, when properly designed, help hospitals and other healthcare facilities improve patient care, control costs, and save and organize storage space.

No matter the application, our team can collaborate with you to design the best sterile instrument storage, medical supply storage, medical carts, medical wire shelving systems, workstations, medical storage bins, and track systems from all of the most well-known brands, including:

  • Modu-Cell
  • Modu-Max
  • Modu-Max CTS
  • Modu-Max CTS HD
  • Modu-Case

Get in Touch With a Local Representative Today!

At DSI, we have the knowledge and experience to assess your needs and design high-quality storage solutions that will save space while increasing productivity. Our storage experts cover all 50 states and are familiar with all aspects of storage solutions for the healthcare field.

Contact us today at (800) 393-6090 to schedule a consultation with one of our storage experts and receive a free no-obligation price quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I organize my medical supply room?

The best approach to organizing a supply room is with an efficient, space saving system where you can optimize your floor space and easily access and put-away your inventory.

How do you organize and label medical inventory?

One way to label your supplies is not only on the actual inventory but also on the exterior of the shelf, bin, or compartment where the inventory lives.

What objects are in a hospital room?

Hospital supplies, equipment, and overall inventory managed within a hospital room varies from department to department. For example, sterile instruments are processed and stored in the Sterile Processing Department whereas disporals items are stored in the Med / Surg Department on the patient recovery floors.

What are some examples of medical storage?

Traditional storage equipment commonly used in hospitals are medical carts, wire shelving, high density baskets systems, surgical case carts, high density instrument storage, and workstations.

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