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Case Carts

  • DSI's case carts are a perfect fit for the NO-TEAR storage system within your CS/SPD
  • These surgical case carts provide a modular storage system built for transformation
  • The customizable shelves allow you to configure the storage area within the cart interior
  • Design the interior based off the height and width of the surgical instruments stored in both blue wraps and rigid containers
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DSI Triton Case Cart
Triton Case Cart
DSI No Tear Storage System
No Tear Storage System

Surgical Case Carts: An Overview

Surgical case carts are used by hospitals and outpatient centers to keep sterile instruments and supplies clean and organized for all sorts of medical procedures. These types of medical case carts are essential for the smooth operation of a hospital, clinic, or outpatient surgery center.

Supplying healthcare workers with well-designed surgical case carts will help them keep better track of inventory levels, as well as ensure them quick access to critical procedural instruments. Distribution Systems International provides essential workers a selection of surgical case carts to meet the rapidly changing demands of one life-saving effort to the next.

An open-case cart design provides a lightweight, economical option for smaller tasks that don't require as much protection for equipment and supplies. A closed case cart, in comparison, provides extra protection from contamination along with serving as a workstation adjacent to operating tables.

Finally, our multi-purpose surgical carts help safely transport sterile supplies, implants, and surgical instruments from supply rooms to surgical procedures.

Our mission is to serve the people that serve others, and that becomes crystal clear from the moment your team starts using our surgical case carts. For a custom surgical case cart quote, contact our dedicated team at Distribution Systems International today.

Why Choose Surgical Case Carts from Distribution Systems International?

Distribution Systems International designs and manufactures surgical case carts that provide the best flexible, mobile storage. Our case carts house a modular storage system so your teams can rearrange the shelves to accommodate a wide range of surgical instruments that are stored in both blue wraps and rigid containers.

What are some of the other reasons Distribution Systems International is the ideal source for surgical case carts?

Notable Features of Distribution Systems International’s Surgical Case Carts

Our surgical case carts stand above the rest by delivering numerous features focused on efficiency:

  • Stoplight color indicator wheels make it easy for healthcare teams to quickly determine whether the cart is ready for use or still needs to be sterilized.
  • A modular shelving framework enables users to orient the cart shelves for the immediate needs of the surgical team.
  • Pullout shelves deliver 400 pounds of load capacity to handle a broad range of transport needs for surgery equipment, materials, and sterilized stainless steel tools.
  • Adjustable shelves can handle 600 pounds.
  • Washable stainless steel caster wheels can withstand wash temperatures of 275º F.

Custom-Fit Surgical Case Carts: Tailor-made for Your Needs

We make it easy to create your own customized surgical case carts. By doing so, you can significantly increase the efficiency of the procedures in your operating rooms.

When cleaning is required, a medical case cart needs to be extremely durable to withstand the high temperatures that ensure sterilization. Dirt and grime have no place in surgery rooms, so options like double-pane doors with reinforced hinges provide peace of mind.

With numerous styles of carts to precisely serve your surgical needs, our customization capabilities are second to none.

Benefits Of Utilizing Customized Surgical Case Carts

What are the benefits to your surgical center from utilizing custom surgical case carts from Distribution Systems International?

  • Ability to fit a wider range of surgical supplies and tools.
  • Empowering workers to transport both large and small equipment in a single cart.
  • Maintaining sterile conditions while in transport to ensure optimal surgical environments.
  • Capable of handling various sizes of sterile packs so surgical rooms are prepped for any situation.
  • Closed case carts protect sterilized equipment from location to location within surgical centers.
  • Crystal clear windows with high-temperature rubber seals allow teams to view the entire contents of the case cart in a single glance.

Safeguard Your Surgical Instruments

Safeguarding operating instruments is one of the crucial roles that surgical case carts serve. Surgical stainless steel instruments for operations must be kept perfectly sterile wherever they go.

So when medical teams need to transport these precious tools to the surgery room, having immediate access to a well-designed case cart is essential.

Beyond simply keeping sterile instruments clean and ready for use at a moment's notice, our surgical case carts securely hold them in place. The polypropylene HDM non-marking bumpers on our carts—enable workers in hospitals to roll delicate instrumentation through doors in the facility without scuffing or jarring the instruments out of place.

Choose High-Quality Surgical Case Carts from Distribution Systems International

Our high-quality surgical case carts start with smarter design features. But the benefits don't stop there for healthcare facilities.

Distribution Systems International delivers high-quality client service with every surgical cart we sell. We are more than just a high-density storage solutions company—we are here to serve those who serve others—and it shows!

Discover the Distribution Systems International difference by talking to our team for a quote on your next surgical case cart today.

Product Specifications

Preconfigured Kits
Product Specifications and Descriptions
Standard 39.25"H, Standard Interior, 1 Pullout Shelf, Color Wheel
Standard 39.25"H, CTS/OS Interior, 1 Frame, 8 Runner Sets, Color Wheel
Standard 39.25"H, Hybrid Interior, 2 Frames, 8 Runner Sets, Color Wheel
Standard 39.25"H, CTS Interior, 3 Frames, 8 Runner Sets, Color Wheel
Tall 59.25"H, Standard Interior, 2 Pullout Shelves, Color Wheel
Tall 59.25"H, CTS/OS Interior, 1 Frame, 16 Runner Sets, Color Wheel
Tall 59.25"H, Hybrid Interior, 2 Frames, 16 Runner Sets, Color Wheel
Tall 59.25"H, CTS Interior, 3 Frames, 16 Runner Sets, Color Wheel
Individual stainless steel wire shelves and baskets for CTS, Hybrid, and OS are not included in the kits.

Product Heights

Standard 39.25”H
triton case cart standard
Total Exterior Dimensions
39.25”H x 45.75”W x 29.5”D
Usable Interior Dimensions
25.25”H x 33.5”W x 24.5”D
Tall 59.25”H
triton case cart tall
Total Exterior Dimensions
59.25”H x 45.75”W x 29.5”D
Usable Interior Dimensions
45”H x 33.5”W x 24.5”D

Modular Shelving Options

cts - os

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