Onsite Space & Workflow Assessment

onsite space workflow assessment
onsite space and workflow assessment

Our mission to serve those who serve others in the field of healthcare starts with the onsite space and workflow assessment. Our consultative approach focuses on solving our customers storage problems whether it being workflow congestion, floor space constraints, PAR level management, compliance issues, and most importantly employee safety! Our sales team is best in class and truly professional. With over 110 years of storage experience and expertise on the team, we can be a trusted vendor you can rely on.

We break down our onsite PROCESS into three straight forward steps.

  1. Customer Q&A

Information gathering and customer feedback is step one. Understanding the current pinch points, safety hazards, workflow bottlenecks, areas of improvement, compliance risks, and overall purpose of the project will help us better understand the challenges so we know what to solve! Help us help you! What are the goals for the project? What needs to be fixed? Where can we help?

  1. Space Analysis

We then assess the room, count and measure the inventory, measure the available space, notate compliance risks, and identify employee safety risks. We then design a system that will reduce wasted space, improve the storage capacity, and upgrade the working conditions in the department.

space analysis
  1. Assessment Workflow

Employee safety is mission critical and optimizing your departments workflow is an important factor in improving on the job safety. Our products are designed with employee safety in mind using hospital grade materials with thoughtful functionality and characteristics. Knowing what IS to code and what is NOT to code is a big part of our playbook and AAMI and The Joint Commission are the two sets of guidelines we use as our compass to help navigate the rough waters ahead. Time savings, space savings, compliance, and employee safety are all major factors to justify your capital investment into DSI’s storage equipment.

workflow assessment

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