4 Ways to Organize Pharmacy Cabinets and Shelving

/ By DSI Marketing TeamNovember 9, 2022

Are you figuring out how to organize your pharmacy cabinets and shelving? It's not easy, especially if you're dealing with high-density supply storage

This article will give you a few ideas on how you can organize your pharmacy cabinets and make things more efficient.

Modern Pharmacy Shelving Designs

If you have been paying attention to the shelving systems that are available now, you will notice that they are not like the ones that were used in the past. The designs are a lot more functional and utilitarian.

The modern designs have little ornamentation to them. All features and aspects serve some kind of purpose. So, you have to make sure it fits with the design of your pharmacy.

Things to Consider When Choosing Shelving Design

There are a lot of things that you ought to consider when picking a shelving design. It is essential to consider how you categorize all of your items in the store.

If your items are displayed by category, then you can easily figure out which ones sell fast and which ones do not. You can monitor the sales of each category and decide how they will be displayed.

The ones which sell the most can be displayed most prominently or you can experiment and have the ones which do not sell well upfront.

Putting Yourself in Your Customer's Perspective

You should also think about how your customers feel when they are inside your store. Do they feel that they can find what they are looking for inside your store? Do they get an overwhelming feeling that you are just trying to push certain items onto them?

You might be wondering how you can get that feedback. You can have someone as a secret shopper come in and experience how it is to buy from your store. They can give you feedback on what kind of feeling customers are getting when they step into your pharmacy, then you can use the information in redesigning your store.

You need to plan how you will organize the displays. You can use the categories in determining how the displays will look. Which items should be placed on the top shelves, for example?

How do you deal with controlled items? Of course, you want your customers to see that you have those items in your pharmacy but you cannot just let anyone access those. 

The Line between Functional and Being Attractive

We have mentioned earlier that modern pharmacy shelving design has little ornamentation to them, but that doesn't mean you don't have to make your shelves look attractive to the customers. 

Make sure that the shelvings you will buy are reusable and can be used for different kinds of products.

Remember that for the shelves to look attractive to the customers, the whole store should be attractive to them as well. It will not matter even if you buy the latest shelving if the store looks old and unwelcoming.

As a way to serve your customers in a better way, you can place seating in strategic spots all over the store. This would only work if you have a larger store.

Choosing the Best Pharmacy Shelving Systems

For you to come up with the best display for your pharmacy, you need the right shelving inside your store. You should realize that there are a lot of things to think about, like height, color, material, and the center wall.

There are primarily two questions you must consider when choosing your shelving:

  1. Can the shelves display all the products you want to sell?
  2. Do the shelves match the brand image you want to project for your store?

If the answer is yes to the shelves that you are considering, then they're probably a good choice.

Ways to Organize Pharmacy Cabinets and Shelving

Here are some solid ideas on how you can organize your pharmacy cabinets.

  1. Pick shelves that come with wheels or casters so you can move them around easily when you want to make changes to the layout of the display. With wheeled shelves, a single person can change the whole display.
  2. Consider using shorter shelves at the end of the longer ones. That can give your store a more complete look and it can maximize the space you have in your store.
  3. Use the shelves to create dead-end aisles, which can be a deterrent against shoplifters. You can get creative with how you combine shelves of different lengths.
  4. Add more display options to your shelves with the help of peg boards and hang other products there for display.

These are just some ideas that you can try when it comes to organizing your pharmacy. 

Is Your Floor Plan the Best for Your Store?

The shelving you will use in your pharmacy is crucial for your success, but the floor plan will also have an impact on your sales. 

Ideally, the floor plan is something that you decide on when you are just planning your store and choosing the location. All the other considerations will stem from your choice of floor plan.

Many stores opt for the more traditional grid or straight layout. It's simpler and easier to implement. The traditional floor layout also provides the maximum usage of the available space. It's easy to place the shelves parallel to the wall of the building.

The layout of a pharmacy inside a hospital or a similar facility will be different from that of a store. These are known as long-term care pharmacies. 

For these facilities, it is best to use technology when it comes to enhancing their efficiency in how they deliver their services to the patients. Try to integrate computers and programs on how medicine like pills and capsules are distributed.

Let Distribution Systems International Organize Your Pharmacy Cabinets and Shelving

If you're seeking the best shelves and cabinets for your pharmacy, check out our high-density supply storage solutions.

You will not have to look for any other medical storage solution when you start dealing with our team. We can help you with storing everything such as tablets, ointments, vials, and syringes.

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