The Role of Consultative Services in Materials Management for Improving Patient Care

/ By DSI Marketing TeamFebruary 13, 2023

The efficient management of medical supplies and equipment is a critical aspect of providing high-quality patient care in healthcare facilities. Materials management is a complex process that involves procurement, inventory management, distribution, and disposal.

With the constantly changing healthcare landscape and the pressure to reduce costs while improving patient outcomes, many healthcare organizations are turning to consultative services for materials management.

These services provide external expertise to assess and optimize the healthcare organization's materials management processes, leading to improved efficiency, reduced waste, and lower costs.

An Overview of Materials Management

The word materials management is used historically to refer to all tasks involved in determining the quantity of material needed. One of the first commercial software programs was a commodities management solution.

The process was known as material requirements planning (MRP). And the Bill-of-materials processors and forecasting tools make up the essential elements. Traditionally, the emphasis of materials management has been on tangible goods and products, excluding services.

This indicates that the majority of expenditures go toward purchasing supplies, equipment, tools, and machinery necessary for the operation of the company. Given that this represents such a sizable portion of the company's finances, it is crucial to correctly track it and anticipate potential strategies that might optimize the expenditure as a whole.

The company becomes more effective and it is simpler to achieve the operational benchmarks when this expense is optimized.

What are Consultative Services?

Consultative services offer valuable assistance to organizations by providing a holistic perspective that encompasses the company's supply chain and financial planning decisions.

After analyzing available options, consultants develop strategies to efficiently manage potential interactions. For example, a consultant may identify areas where the organization is overspending and provide guidance on how to redirect those funds more effectively.

Materials management involves examining the entire supply chain to create strategies that save time and money. Furthermore, this may require changing materials or suppliers or making minor adjustments to storage practices, which can have a significant impact on overall efficiency.

A consultant is adept at identifying these opportunities and implementing changes that enhance the organization's effectiveness.

Benefits of Materials Management for Health Care Providers

Materials management is able to assist the healthcare industry tremendously. Since the healthcare industry is an exceptionally busy and dedicated field, it can be difficult to completely manage the overall intake and finances of the organization.

With prices that are everchanging and new innovations in health systems that completely change processes, it is important to stay relevant in this industry to be efficient.

Materials management assists in the acquisition, streamlining, storage, and various other factors that make up the base of the organization. A healthcare facility needs a functioning supply chain and the materials need to be both affordable and quality assured.

The role of materials management is to ensure that the expenditure of the organization is optimized while also receiving the products needed to conduct business as usual.

The Supply Chain

The supply chain forms the heart of any healthcare facility. Without a good and functioning one, the overall efficiency and output of the facility may decrease.

Finding the correct suppliers that maintain a good and competitive price, while also assuring quality is important. Some of the areas that materials management assists in are:

  • Accurate storage
  • Efficiency for nurses
  • Inventory management
  • Financial freedom and opportunity

These are not all of the positively affected segments of the organization but form the bulk of the support that is granted through materials management.

Accurate Storage

Accurate storage assists healthcare organizations tremendously. When raw materials, equipment, medical devices, and tools are not accurately stored, it can begin to slow down the overall efficiency of the staff. This can cause numerous problems within the organization.

One such issue is the miscalculation of stock. This occurs when storage is not done correctly and thus the numbers do not reflect the reality of adequate resources. In some cases, this can either cause the organization to order more materials than necessary or not enough. In both cases, the organization faces a loss, whether that be financially or efficiently.

When there are not enough adequate resources, a time period of waiting occurs which means processes cannot be carried out which halts the production line. When there is too much stock, the organization faces a financial loss that could have been utilized to assist other faculties in the organization.

An accurate inventory control and storage system is important to streamline the overall process and assist in creating a more efficient environment.

Efficiency for Nurses

For nurses, process effectiveness is crucial. The supply chain will operate as effectively as possible when materials management is properly involved.

This streamlines the process for nurses to work because stock and materials are accurately calculated. Without the risk of lacking commodities, the medical staff is able to conduct their business without interruption and boost their efficiency.

The proper storage of medical equipment makes finding the required material and tools, easier so that tasks are completed faster.

For healthcare patients, this is a massive benefit. In the healthcare industry, reacting to immediate issues as they occur is imperative. With the correct layout of materials and stock, the organization can avoid mishaps to ensure optimal patient engagement.

Financial Freedom and Opportunity

Finances are exceptionally imperative to any healthcare organization. With limited funding and pricey materials, having the cost analysis for financial freedom to broaden the scope of assistance is a good step forward.

When healthcare organizations have extra funding from financial planning, it assists them in making decisions that benefit the overall workflow and environment of the facility without degrading another.

Distribution Systems International Can Help Improve Your Materials Management for Better Patient Care

In a healthcare facility, patient satisfaction comes first. Providing the assistance that they need is important in saving a life. Making simple financial decisions through the effective use of materials management consultative services can allow healthcare providers to truly thrive.

In an ever-changing field, it is important to always be ready for any issue that may arise. With the financial freedom and overall streamlined assistance that these services provide, healthcare organizations can find new and firm footing in an optimized working environment.

At Distribution Systems International, we have the knowledge and experience in helping you improve you materials management to provide better patient care—a huge factor that creates excellent trust to your business.

To get started, contact us at at 800-393-6090 at Distribution Systems International today!

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