6 Reasons You Need a Mobile Workstation Cart

/ By DSI Marketing TeamJuly 29, 2022

Medical carts are designed specifically to improve productivity and efficiency in hospitals and medical supply warehouses. They offer mobility, flexibility, and functionality that bring time-saving and cost-saving benefits to workflows.

Additionally, a workstation cart's ergonomic and compact design can save space, increases staff efficiency, and improves patient care quality.

To better understand what workstation carts can bring to a hospital, let's look at six reasons they are considered essential healthcare storage solutions.

How You Benefit from Mobile Carts in Your Hospital

We live in a constantly changing world, and hospitals must adjust to these new times by improving their mobility and streamlining their workflows.

Mobile carts' small footprint and portability can save hours of time each week by eliminating unnecessary trips, greatly increasing speed and efficiency.

1. Helps Improve Workflow Efficiency

A mobile workstation cart can enhance your workflow by allowing staff to spend more time with each patient. Mobile medical carts are available for data processing, prescription dispensing, point-of-care access, and other uses.

Customization choices such as the following are available:

  • Barcode-documented delivery
  • Power source placements or rails
  • Overhead lighting fixtures
  • Adjustable and angled shelves
  • Vital signs monitoring
  • Computer and peripherals trays
  • Pegboards
  • Air hose attachment

With everything required readily accessible, healthcare workers can devote more time to providing patients with competent care rather than wasting time running around and obtaining supplies, processing data, or verbally communicating information. 

2. Light and Accessible

Computer carts are light and easy to push and pull but do not compromise durability. This is why most are made using stainless steel and aluminum. They make for sturdy constructions and can be coated with flame, chemical, and corrosion-resistant paint. Their ease of use is also of utmost importance.

Drawers, medical wire shelving, and cabinet doors pull out and push in without hindrance or too much force needed. Some are even automated. The computer monitor and peripherals, like the mouse and keyboard, are accessible without sacrificing security.

Any machinery with a cord lengthens within the desired reach when used and coils up neatly when put away.

3. Cost-Saving Battery Features

Powered mobile workstations decrease the capital and operating expenses of a hospital. Its portability and round-the-clock performance can support an entire workflow.

Modern designs are usually rechargeable and available in two types:

Built-in rechargeable battery

Laptop carts with a built-in lithium-ion or sealed lead acid battery come with a light indicator that tells when it needs to be plugged in for recharging. This type requires you to have a spare cart to function while your first is charging. The two take turns in serving your routine.

The built-in battery type best suits computer workstations and nurse medication carts.

Swappable battery technology 

Other computer carts have removable batteries. What you need to have are spare batteries that you keep on standby while one is in use. It is common in emergency, surgical, and isolation carts.

4. Provide Better Patient Care

The ability to better care for your patients is the main advantage of a powered mobile computer cart. You can spend more time with your patients while also working more efficiently because of how durable, flexible, and customizable mobile workstations can be.

Their design and internal systems are configured for efficient and easy hospital staff use, so you are sure to deliver consistent, high-quality patient care.

Most importantly, medical computer carts run on wheels, making them readily accessible anywhere they are needed—bedside, operating room, central supplies storage, emergency area, intensive care unit, nurse's station, etc.

5. Advanced Technology

In most cases, a medical laptop cart with a power system also carries computer equipment and barcode scanners. Software requiring a company account and company administrator is integrated with this design the secure the cart and control drug dispensing.

Moreover, it allows users to record and retrieve datum, analyze stored information, and reference it easily.

Central medicine units are the best example of this feature. They carry a heavier load of medical supplies than satellite units, so they must be controlled more strictly. To get this done, a computer monitors all logins and accesses by staff, as well as what supplies or medications are retrieved.

6. Maximizes Your Workspace

Mobile carts are compact and can be stored away when not in use. They can also become semi-permanent fixtures in your facility if they have lockable wheels. Such nature allows them to securely store high-alert medication, e.g., those used during resuscitation procedures, and make them accessible when needed.

Medical computer carts also transport supplies and equipment and minimize the trips to and from the patient's room, storage unit, or surgical area since they roll on flat, solid surfaces.

Overall, they help maintain order and aid in reducing clutter.

Choose the Right Medical Storage Cabinet on Wheels with Distribution Systems International

Workstation carts and health storage solutions are worthy investments for any hospital or healthcare facility. Its many benefits, like customizable functionality and mobility, cater to all workflows.

Partner with a reputable manufacturer for reliable construction and configurable tech features. Distribution Systems International has been a trusted supplier in the medical field since 1990. All our medical carts are assembled and built at our central facility in Southern California.

To schedule a consultation and get a detailed quote, contact us at 800-393-6090 at Distribution Systems International today!

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