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/ By DSI Marketing TeamOctober 3, 2022

The importance of readily available sterile medical supplies cannot be underestimated. However, the optimization of sterile instrument storage is equally—if not more so—important. This is particularly true for sterile processing departments.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities must streamline their medical procedures with clean instruments and equipment ready for retrieval at any time, ensuring patient safety with compliant disinfection processes and a low probability of contamination.

And while the effects of disorganized storage space may not always be top of mind, an accessible sterile storage room could make the difference between a successful treatment or a lowered health outcome.

Stakeholders in the healthcare industry should be ever-vigilant to enhance their approach to sterile processing storage with higher sterilization standards. Thankfully, the reduction of this storage footprint is far less complex than many believe.

Armed with the right packaging items, proper cabinets, and accessible shelving, securing a sterile product has never been simpler.

Simplifying and Securing Your Medical Storage

Simplifying and securing medical storage has an enormous impact on the productivity and focus of your medical staff. Carefully stocked supplies will quickly meet the needs of your organization while streamlining treatments and the next steps within the operating room.

What's more, simplified solutions allow users to identify materials within seconds, grabbing everything necessary to meet patient needs.

There are many other benefits to simplifying and securing your medical storage solutions:

  • Reduce waste. Hospitals inadvertently waste $765 billion worth of medical supplies every year, many of them due to a lack of planning. This is according to a report from U.S. News.
  • Increase safety. More than 83.3% of medical equipment host bacterial contaminates, often resulting from poor storage, which is reported by the National Center for Biotechnology Information.
  • Boost speed. Clutter is significantly linked to reduced focus, whereas an organized space can boost productivity and speed, as published by Psychology Today.

Regardless of your current organizational system, looking for ways to challenge the status quo of your storage space can provide a number of benefits to your organization.

Ways to Optimize Your Storage Footprint

As professional demands change and patient needs grow, it pays to optimize your storage footprint as much as possible.

Here are five simple ways to streamline medical storage and increase item safety, reliability, and accessibility:

1. Right-Size Your Inventory

Too many medical supplies could overwhelm your storage space, resulting in expired materials. However, too few supplies could reduce effective care and slow your medical responses.

Do what you can to create a system for tracking, assessing, and monitoring your inventory. Plan for the peaks and sloughs of demand throughout the year, and consult with other stakeholders in your organization.

2. Optimize Your Space - Vertical and Horizontal

Be sure to select the right storage solution for the right environment, always based on the size and scale of your space.

For example, you could use a sterile processing table or wrap tables to make the most of longer, horizontal spaces. Additionally, you may want to rely on a cupboard, shelf, cabinet, or custom construction to house materials in thinner rooms.

3. Utilize Innovative Technology

The cutting-edge sterile instrument storage far surpasses the cubbies of yesteryear. There are many options to choose from. Today, you can purchase medical surfaces that act as self-sterilizers, supporting infection prevention with resistance to microorganisms.

Additionally, you could purchase storage solutions that prevent dust, air, moisture, and humidity from affecting product packaging. 

4. Use Sterile Instrument Storage

Sterile instruments such as containers and blue wraps require more than your average storage closet. Certain packaging materials and specific sterile tools necessitate dust covers, labeling, and no-stack storage options in and around your facility.

You may want to consider an option such as peel-pack storage, or custom-made solutions such as the MODU-MAX CTS™ system.

5. Buy Medical Carts

Sterile-processing transport carts are a crucial element of effective healthcare. Not only are they scalable to any facility, but they can be a cost-effective way to care for modular needs in a variety of environments.

At Distribution Systems International, you can purchase sterile processing carts online at any time.

Simplify and Secure Your Medical Storage with Distribution Systems International 

Medical storage doesn't need to be complicated. Partnered with the right providers in your area, constructing and maintaining safe storage areas in your facility could be far simpler than you think.

At Distribution Systems International, we understand the concern your team has for sterility, infection control, and bacteria exposure within sensitive operating rooms. To support your medical staff with the tools they need to serve patients successfully, we offer sterile storage solutions that withstand the test of time.

Unlike other medical storage manufacturers, Distribution Systems International provides holistic consultative services alongside our smart healthcare storage solutions to create the best possible fit between our products in your environment.

We've served medical organizations for decades in the contiguous United States, allowing our quality, integrity, and results to speak for themselves.

You can get a free, no-obligation quote at any time. Book your first consultation, then request a facility material quote from one of our seasoned experts. We look forward to speaking with you soon. Contact us at 800-393-6090 at Distribution Systems International today!

Sterile Storage FAQs

Why use sterile instrument storage?

Sterile supply storage allows medical teams and practitioners to serve patients more effectively. Experts can quickly access tools and devices without losing track of equipment, while company stakeholders can ensure optimal health outcomes via sterile storage conditions.

How much does sterile instrument storage cost?

The price of sterile instrument storage solutions such as shelves, cabinets, and other materials largely depends on the space in question. At Distribution Systems International, we can provide a custom quote that takes room size and environment into account. Give us a call today to chat with a professional, or submit an online contact form with any questions you may have.

How to order sterile instrument storage?

Distribution Systems International allows you to order sterile instrument storage solutions from the comfort of your home or office. Our online brochures let you browse available brands and applications for your healthcare department, then call our regional phone number to connect with an expert. Feel free to call us at 800-393-6090 to order items at your leisure.

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