Space-Efficient Storage in the Operating Room to Help Boost Efficiency During Surgery

/ By DSI Marketing TeamOctober 17, 2022

Hospital managers are continuously finding ways to carry out operating room (OR) procedures more efficiently — especially with medical supply storage.

Today's healthcare facilities understand that efficient storage solutions are key to higher performance. Not only does better organization lead to better patient outcomes, but the safe storage of sterilized products reduces outlying risk factors from infection and contamination.

Space-efficient storage solutions are an important part of this process. Many hospital managers need to maximize space on the floor while balancing transport needs, all while keeping operational efficiency at the top of mind.

Let's look at a few of these in greater detail, starting with challenges faced by ORs nationwide.

What are the Challenges in the Operating Room?

There are three major storage challenges faced by medical staff in the OR, these include:

  1. Space - All medical equipment and supplies must be close at hand, yet out of the way to avoid potential hazards.
  2. Workflow - The quick and efficient movement of staff, patients, and supplies is crucial to maintaining an effective OR.
  3. Sterility - Maintaining a clean environment is essential to protecting patients from infection.

Many of these issues can be quickly overcome with the help of medical supply storage units.

Space-Efficient Storage in the OR to Increase Efficiency

There are a few options available when it comes to medical storage, but three of the most popular are cabinets, shelves, and lockers.

  1. High Density Basket Systems - Vertical storage modules that house a variety of different supplies.
  2. Custom Built-in Cabinetry - A classic storage solution that can organize anything from metal tools to medications.
  3. Enclosed Modu-Cell Exchange Carts - A more secure option that is perfect for storing sensitive or dangerous materials.

Distribution Systems International offers dozens of different storage options to maximize your treatment space, including fully customizable MODU-CELL™ units.

How Medical Supply Storage Helps Maximize Space

It's important to select supply storage units that maximize rather than reduce your available floor space.

For example, a medical storage cabinet could supply a pharmacy with streamlined access to sensitive medication. In another case, a hospital may wish to use rolling supply storage units to quickly address patient needs across the facility.

You may need to adapt your storage solutions for many different use cases. In this case, acquiring custom carts, shelves, and cabinets may be in your best interests.

Medical Supply Storage for Better Medical Staff Efficiency

Medical supply storage is often overlooked when it comes to the efficiency of medical staff in the OR. However, it often has more impact than we realize. An array of factors, such as space constraints and staff turnover, can lead to inefficiencies that negatively impact patient care. 

There are a number of ways to improve medical supply storage in the OR. One way is to install wall-mounted cabinets that allow for quick and easy access to supplies. Another is to improve medical supply storage with the use of color coding. 

Both of these solutions can help your staff locate supplies without having to search through a cluttered space.

Benefits of Using Medical Supply Storage in the OR

There are dozens of reasons you should keep medical supply storage in the OR, with some of the most popular benefits including:

  • Time savings for nurses and doctors
  • Reduced waste of equipment and tools
  • Greater safety for personal protective equipment (PPE) and medicines
  • More efficient patient recovery times

If you don't already have medical supply storage in your OR, now is the best time to acquire some.

Optimize Your Medical Supply Storage

There are three steps required to maximize the medical supply storage areas around your facility, these include:

  1. Identifying compliance with recent regulations. This includes an emphasis on occupational health and safety within your OR.
  2. The presence of infection control standards for medications and medical content. All of your shelves and module units should store products without the threat of contamination. 
  3. Streamlined access to your storage units. Who has access to your units, and how do locking mechanisms work?

You can walk through each of the steps above with help from a consultant at Distribution Systems International.

Get the Best Medical Supply Storage at Distribution Systems International

Purchasing medical storage supplies for your facility is only the beginning. Not only do you need to source customizable equipment for your individual workflow, but you must seek a verified provider with a focus on value-added solutions.

And for thousands of facilities nationwide, that provider is Distribution Systems International.

At Distribution Systems International, we go above and beyond the competition to engineer the highest caliber of care into every one of our storage systems. With hundreds of satisfied partners across the contiguous United States, we offer a variety of solutions that include:

  • High Basket units - MODU-MAX
  • Open Wire Carts
  • Custom Stainless Steel Casework - MODU-CAB
  • MODU-CELL™ technology

Sourcing medical supply storage for your healthcare facility has never been more full-service. Get in contact with Distribution Systems International for a personalized consultation and a free quote. We look forward to serving you shortly.

To connect with us, you may fill out our online form or contact us at 800-393-6090 at Distribution Systems International today!

Medical Supply Storage FAQs 

Do you ship medical supply storage across the United States?

Distribution Systems International ships custom operating room storage solutions to healthcare organizations across the country. We serve all 50 of the contiguous US states with high-quality and high-caliber medical supply storage cabinets. Reach out to our team online to request your free, no-obligation cost estimate.

What is a MODU-CELL™ UNIT?

The team at Distribution Systems International offers a proprietary piece of medical supply storage technology known as MODU-CELL™. These are customized operating room storage baskets built to accommodate a wide variety of needs, including roll-down or glass doors, modular designs, and a variety of units and accessories that are mapped to your operational workflows.

Give Distribution Systems International a call today to discuss our MODU-CELL™ unit designs in greater detail.

Do you have value-added services?

The purchase of supply storage is only the beginning. In addition to our medical storage cabinets, Distribution Systems International offers value-added services to customers both old and new. Our consultative-based approach moves through three phases to solve storage programs for your organization, beginning with:

  1. An initial storage consultation regarding your space and workflow.
  2. A customized design process that engineers cabinets, carts, and shelving to your expectations.
  3. The implementation of your workflow process with product assembly and installation.

You can book your storage consultation service with us today by calling 800-393-6090. We look forward to serving you soon.

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