The Benefits of Enclosed Supply Carts for Healthcare Materials Management

/ By DSI Marketing TeamApril 19, 2023

The storage of medical supplies, surgical equipment, and various other necessities within a healthcare environment is crucial for ensuring patients' continued health and safety. This can be made possible by utilizing enclosed supply carts

When inventory is safely stored and monitored, it lowers the risk of potential drawbacks such as theft, damaged inventory, and unhygienic storage conditions. Enclosed supply carts are specially designed to meet these various needs within the healthcare setting.

This guide will discuss what an enclosed supply cart is, how it helps a healthcare facility, and the benefits that may come with the acquisition of this storage type.

What You Need to Know About Enclosed Supply Carts

An enclosed supply cart is a versatile solution to the various different needs within a healthcare setting.

This piece of equipment is able to assist in the accurate monitoring of inventory levels, ensure the safety of stock, and allows streamlines processes by minimizing the waste created by unnecessary movement.

Enclosed supply carts are mobile storage units that maintain a safe and sterile environment for the stored supplies, surgical equipment, and other necessities that may require safe and sterile conditions.

Benefits of Enclosed Supply Carts for Healthcare Materials Management

Implementing the effective use of enclosed supply carts is an excellent means to lower inventory costs while also adapting to the various demands that are often present within the healthcare industry.

These benefits may come in a wide range of various different forms. Let's have a closer look at these benefits and how they may affect your healthcare organization.

Improved Organization and Storage Efficiency

Having an organized and efficient system for inventory control is paramount. When inventory is correctly stored and managed, it allows the facility to understand what current inventory is available, determine the necessary presence of safety stock, and understand when new acquisition orders must be made.

This improved inventory organization also enhances the productivity of staff time by reducing the need to consistently search for healthcare necessities. Enclosed supply carts allow healthcare professionals and clinical staff to easily access the needed equipment and supplies without halting or stalling other processes.

This makes the working environment more productive and allows the facility to seamlessly complete daily tasks.

Enhanced Cleanliness and Infection Control

Cleanliness and infection control are critical processes within any healthcare environment. Healthcare professionals need to always ensure that equipment and supplies are kept in sterile environments in order to lower the risk of infection and other health detriments.

Enclosed supply carts offer the healthcare staff a mobile means to transport equipment around the facility without risking the lowered cleanliness of valuable assets. This lowers the time needed to consistently clean and sterilize equipment after each move whilst also ensuring the equipment is kept safe and free of damage.

Increased Security and Theft Prevention

When inventory is not accurately monitored, the risk of theft greatly increases. Having inventory control systems that ensure the safety of medical supplies is crucial for any healthcare facility. When raw materials are lost, damaged, or stolen, this can often result in a great loss for the facility.

Enclosed supply carts offer an innovative solution to this problem. Since these storage units greatly assist in the control of inventory levels, this lowers the possibility for theft and damage to occur. Enclosed supply carts are often well-organized and easy to look through.

When the current inventory is well organized, issues such as theft lessen due to the increased security around the equipment and supply's safety.

Safer and More Ergonomic Work Environment

Ergonomics has become a staple within industries across the board, and for a good reason. The focus of ergonomics is to ensure the safety of staff, while also greatly improving the productivity and efficiency of tasks that are conducted. 

The enclosed supply carts are completely mobile. This means that equipment and supplies can be safely moved and transported around the facility. When these supplies have been moved, it lowers the need for unnecessary movement which thus also lowers the possibility of accidental injury.

The healthcare industry is exceptionally stressful and oftentimes requires staff to move and act quickly. When this happens, it is essential that the staff is equipped with the tools necessary to not only make their job safer but also easier.

Healthcare Setting Considerations for Materials Management

Materials management is a key facet within any healthcare organization. Implementing the right actionable strategy is a great means of decreasing business expenditure whilst improving the quality of patient care.

Let's have a look at some of the considerations that a healthcare setting demands.

Sterile Supplies

Sterile equipment is an undeniable necessity. Due to the nature of the healthcare industry, having sterile equipment that is readily available can greatly assist healthcare organizations in meeting needed benchmarks of performance.

Patients cannot be assisted when sterile supplies are not present. Having a storage solution for this issue, such as an enclosed supply cart, can greatly optimize workflow and boost productivity.

Unused Supplies

Tracking unused supplies can assist an organization in avoiding two forms of waste. The first form of waste occurs when supplies reach their expiration date and can no longer be used. The second form of waste is financial waste. Implementing inventory control systems, such as the Kanban system, is an innovative means of approaching this issue.

Financial loss, however small it may be at first, can coalesce into large amounts. Ensuring that no material goes to waste is a good means of not only improving organizational processes but also addressing the issue of waste across the board.

Choose Enclosed Supply Carts from Distribution Systems International to Promote a Safer and More Ergonomic Work Environment

We have provided numerous healthcare facilities with storage solutions that completely revolutionize inventory control and materials management.

By simply implementing the effective use of enclosed supply carts, a healthcare facility can reap countless benefits toward levels of productivity and efficiency. We have designed its services around one core task, to help those that assist others.

Materials management, supply chain analysis, and effective storage solutions are aspects that can always be improved for the betterment of an organization. Get in touch with Distribution Systems International and start designing systems within your healthcare facility that allow it to reach its peak potential

Contact us at 800-393-6090 at Distribution Systems International today!

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