The Benefits of Exchange Carts for Healthcare Materials Management

/ By DSI Marketing TeamApril 21, 2023

Exchange carts are a popular storage solution in healthcare facilities that assists in the control of inventory. Various different supplies may be stored in this piece of equipment which allows processes and tasks to be conducted efficiently.

Having a high-quality exchange cart is one of the best ways to approach materials management within a healthcare setting. This guide will closely analyze the purpose of an exchange cart and how it aims to beneficially impact a healthcare facility.

What are Exchange Carts Used in Healthcare Settings?

In a healthcare organization, inventory is key. Without the presence of required necessities, it becomes difficult for healthcare professionals to assist patients. Exchange carts provide an effective solution to this problem.

These storage units offer a visual means for staff to track inventory levels whilst also providing ease of access when necessary. Having a sterile environment that keeps surgical supplies, disposable materials, and other forms of day-to-day process necessities is crucial for the continued success of a healthcare organization.

These exchange carts are often implemented as a means to effectively boost the materials management system within a facility whilst giving the organization a greater view of the fluctuating inventory levels.

Exchange cart systems are also often used to streamline the change of linen process throughout the environment to secure a cleaner, safer, and more sterile facility. These carts have the ability to greatly raise productivity, efficiency, and quality of patient care.

Benefits of Exchange Carts for Healthcare Materials Management

Exchange carts offer a range of potential benefits to healthcare facilities. These benefits come in many different shapes and forms but the crucial idea is to save a facility valuable time and resources.

Now that we have discussed the purpose of an exchange cart, let's have a closer look at the potential benefits that a healthcare facility may reap from the effective implementation of this materials management system.

Cost Savings from Exchange Carts

Money is the greatest asset that a healthcare facility can possess. When funds are readily accessible, this allows the facility to bolster various different facets that may have been neglected.

Exchange carts offer a great means for healthcare facilities to lower the overall costs that they may face. This can come in the form of reduced inventory costs, annual costs, and savings due to materials management strategies.

Reducing the unnecessary expenditure that a healthcare facility has, can greatly improve a myriad of other processes whilst decreasing the potential risk of waste.

Waste Minimization

Waste comes in many different forms. From physical waste to productive waste, it is essential to address this issue within any industry. Exchange carts open the possibility for waste reduction through their innovative design.

Waste produced from unnecessary movement is drastically reduced due to the mobility and efficiency of these carts. This means that healthcare professionals can spend more time on patient care and less time moving around the facility in search of medical supplies.

Waste produced from unused products is reduced due to increased awareness of inventory levels and the systems that control it. Since these carts provide a visual means of showcasing the current inventory, this allows the staff and facility to preemptively order new supplies in order to meet the patient's demand.

This streamlines processes and allows the facility to seamlessly tackle tasks as they arise.

Reduced Inventory Costs

The majority of expenditure within the healthcare industry occurs in the supply chain. When the system that controls inventory levels is inefficient, the organization may unintentionally use valuable resources to address the issue. This could mean that far too much stock or far too little stock is acquired.

Exchange carts allow medical facilities to immediately identify the present need and adapt accordingly. This lowers the risk of medical supplies reaching their expiration date and increases the inventory management and materials management processes that surround them. 

Annual Cost Savings from Exchange Cart Implementation

No matter how small a financial or inventory saving may seem, it all adds up. If one supply had to go missing, be damaged, get stolen, or reach its expiry, this would still add up to 365 potential losses over a year. Within the medical industry, it is common for this number to reach the staggering thousands. These losses are often avoidable with the right materials management systems in place.

Exchange carts are an innovative solution for lowering the total loss that a healthcare facility may face. Addressing these issues before they arise is the best way to approach the problem before it is too late.

Effective materials management systems should be implemented in healthcare facilities to always ensure that it is operating at peak performance.

Increased Capacity Limitations

Other than the benefit of cost reduction, exchange carts allow for an increase in capacity limitations. When healthcare emergencies arise, facilities need to meet the present demand effectively.

Sometimes there may not be enough supplies on hand to assist every patient. Exchange carts increase the capacity limitation that a facility may have whilst also providing supplies with a safe, secure, and sterile environment that is easy to access.

Faster Delivery of Supplies and Materials

Due to the nature of a healthcare facility, speed is often necessary. Being able to reach supplies the moment that they are needed can make a big difference. Since exchange carts are mobile, this allows supplies and materials to be effectively transported throughout the facility with little to no effort. This means that supplies can be where they are needed when they are needed, without the occurrence of additional unnecessary movement. This greatly increases productivity, efficiency, and the quality of care that patients receive.

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