Hospital Efficiency: Does A Medical Storage Cabinet on Wheels Make A Difference?

/ By DSI Marketing TeamJuly 18, 2022

The goal of hospital efficiency is to boost productivity while reducing workloads and costs and this can be made possible with reliable healthcare storage solutions. More importantly, it is about providing better patient care.

Staff satisfaction and patient outcomes are negatively impacted by inefficient workflows, unusable equipment and supplies, and avoidable expenditures. However, optimizing efficiency is still a persistent challenge in most healthcare facilities.

Factors like staff shortage, increased admissions, and the rising cost of living may be the top contenders for the reason. Equipment and process loopholes are also to be blamed.

Something as simple as medical supply storage on wheels or a medical cart should be in place and be visible, functional, and accessible.

Medical Storage Cabinets on Wheels: What You Need to Know?

Medical storage carts are a healthcare storage solution that offers streamlined organization and easy transport of supplies, tools, and medications used in a facility. They can be made of steel or aluminum.

They can take the form of the following:

  • Emergency cart or crash cart
  • Anesthesia cart
  • Isolation cart
  • Pediatric cart
  • Medication cart
  • Supply cart
  • Procedure cart
  • Transfer cart

Regardless of type, it has drawers, cabinets, handles, trays, and, of course, wheels. Some designs are configured to carry accessories such as a mobile scanner, computer, IV pole, file holder, medical refrigerator, and power extension cord.

Functionality is where their differences lie and depend on.

3 Benefits of Medical Storage Carts

Healthcare facilities can reduce operational costs by implementing efficiency improvements on their equipment.

Medical storage carts are a less expensive choice. Besides providing storage, they ensure that the most needed supplies in a department are conveniently visible and accessible. Modern designs are even customizable and configurable with software.

Here are some more of their benefits:

1. Functionality

Mobile medical carts can move equipment and tools from one room to the next. You don't need to go back and forth to the central storage unit to obtain medical supplies. They are simple to roll on flat and hard surfaces too.

They also make it easier and more effective to keep supplies and equipment in one place, especially the bulky and refillable ones.

This function comes in handy in exam rooms where heavy monitoring tools are often used and at bedsides where the dispensing of medication and dressings are regularly needed. They help reduce clutter and keep everything organized.

2. Durability

Health storage solutions such as medical carts can be customized to accommodate specific medical and laboratory requirements. Thus, they are built using high-quality and durable materials. Stainless steel medical carts, specifically, can be coated with corrosion, chemical, or flame-resistant paint—making them ideal for storing harmful substances.

Medical-grade mobile cabinets can be constructed for sophisticated work environments. The size and number of their drawers, handles, and trays can be altered. They can also fit accessories such as label holders, dividers, IV poles, file slots, removable cassettes, and power source slots.

The customizable and durable nature helps in reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

3. Small Footprint

The purpose and patient capacity of a site influence the size of a medical supply cart. A large cabinet is necessary for an exam room with a mobile monitor or scanner. A standard-sized cart is required for a less crowded ward. Regardless of use, the footprint of your medical cart should be minimal.

The portability and width of a mobile storage cabinet are referred to as the footprint. It should be capable of holding the amount of medication and supplies for which it was designed, yet it shouldn't obstruct a hallway or be too heavy to be moved around.

Importance of Medical Carts for Stored Supplies in Hospitals: Mobile Sterile Cabinet

Although mobile medical carts can increase productivity in any medical setting, they are especially important in hospitals. After all, it can be difficult to keep supplies in numerous places without them.

Staff can end up running from one room to another looking for supplies. This not only creates stress but also delays patient care. It also increases the chances of medication or care errors, which can be fatal to patients and detrimental to your business.

When you have easy access to all needed resources, you can concentrate on providing quality care to patients and other efforts that will improve working conditions.

Additionally, by investing in medical storage cabinets on wheels, you lessen your reliance on a storage room, which takes up more space. They are compact and customizable, meaning they can accommodate your facility's specific requirements.

Most importantly, their mobile nature ensures that you can have supplies ready where and when you need them.

Choose the Right Medical Storage Cabinet on Wheels with Distribution Systems International

With several medical cabinets on wheels out in the market, finding the right one can be daunting. But all your worries can be appeased when you find the right supplier. 

Distribution Systems International has been in the business of providing medical supply storage to sterile processing departments, operating rooms, and supply chains since 1990.

Among our trusted products are Southern California-made medical-grade mobile cabinets that offer easy access to supplies and allow you to keep them in a central unit. The result? Increased efficiency and improved patient care.

Get the said benefits for your facility by contacting us at 800-393-6090 at Distribution Systems International today!

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