The Need for Specialized Medical Carts and Enclosed Surgical Case Carts Used in a Hospital - The Growing Role of Case Carts in Sterile Management

/ By DSI Marketing TeamOctober 10, 2022

The use cases for medical carts have never been broader. Today’s hospitals need enclosed case carts for surgery to deliver PPE, supply necessary medications, and cart materials from one side of the building to the other. Without them, operating rooms are far less equipped to provide holistic treatment and more likely to deliver inadequate care.

Let's explore the need for enclosed surgical case carts in modern hospitals, beginning with their growing role in sterile management environments.

What are Enclosed Surgical Case Carts?

Enclosed surgical case carts are types of storage options for hospitals that house sterile equipment during sensitive surgeries. Mission-critical items such as personal protective equipment (PPE), packaging, and medications are removed from the supply room shelf and loaded directly onto the cart—reducing risk factors associated with contamination.

There are many factors to an enclosed surgical case cart that separate it from traditional crash carts. Although both types transport items on wheels, the former comes with a pair of doors that protect against contamination and prevent biohazards from reaching the individuals on site.

Let Your Surgical Case Carts Carry the Load

Surgical case carts get the right instruments to the right medical staff at the right time.

Enclosed spaces allow medical experts to access products and medicines right away, while gated locks prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive materials.

Ready to Roll on Your Hospital Facilities

There are a wide variety of medical roles that a surgical case cart can play.

In emergency rooms, case carts can transport immediate supplies to surgeons and response teams. This may include the movement of IV bags, oxygen machines, and other pieces of equipment as necessary.

Surgical carts also play a role in scheduled surgery. Reducing the amount of time spent in the open air, enclosed carts prevent pathogens from coming into contact with sensitive PPE. This protects both patients and doctors during the labor and recovery process.

Make Your Enclosed Surgical Case Carts Work for You

Surgical case carts work best in healthcare facilities that strive to accommodate their implementation.

First, know your workflow. How will new carts help your staff carry out their work more efficiently?

Second, consider a hands-on trial. Testing a cart within your facility is sure to provide plenty of insight.

Finally, understand the people behind the process. Who will be using your carts the most? How can you align your operating room staff with the sterile processing department?

Benefits of Using Surgical Case Carts and Specialized Medical Carts in Your Hospital

There are many benefits to using surgical case carts around your hospital:

  • Optimizing storage space with mobile units.
  • Reducing the likelihood of contamination before and after surgery.
  • Customizing workflows with adaptable tools and setups.
  • Maximizing space and repurposing surfaces for emergencies.
  • Locking carts will prevent unauthorized access to medication.

You can learn more about the benefits of surgical case carts with the crew at Distribution Systems International.

How Much Space Does Your Hospital Facility Need?

Before purchasing surgical carts, it's necessary to understand how much space you have to work with.

For example, is there enough hospital space to accommodate storage use, reprocessing, or stagnation between workflows? Where will you keep surgical carts while not in use?

Tall carts are the perfect way to economize your floor space and maintain breathing room. However, they cannot offer the utility of wide carts, which double as a tabletop when necessary. 

You may also need to consider a cart washer to protect the integrity of your surfaces.

Save Lives, Time, and Money with Enclosed Surgical Case Carts and Specialized Medical Carts

Enclosed surgical medical carts are a critical acquisition for any healthcare organization, and must be customized to the needs of your facility, your doctors, and your patients.

The team behind Distribution Systems International is sensitive to this trifecta of needs and is proud to provide a line of customizable carts to facilities across the contiguous United States.

We currently provide solutions that include:

  • 3", 6", 9", or 12" drawer height sizes that are adaptable to ball-bearing glides.
  • Mounted cart accessories that do not require punching holes in the cart.
  • A range of 18 colors to match your branding and color coding.
  • A slide-through shelf tray option can be made to order.
  • Locking mechanisms such as proximity, electronic, pushbutton, key, breakaway, and gate locks.

High-quality encasement carts from Distribution Systems International are just a phone call away. Schedule your consultation, then wait to receive your free quote from one of our seasoned experts. Contact us at 800-393-6090 at Distribution Systems International today!

Medical Carts FAQs 

Is it expensive to buy surgical case carts?

Surgical case carts have varying price points that depend on a number of factors, including size, intended purpose, and brand type. The details of your situation will factor into the cost of your surgical crash cart, as well as set the bar for quote expectations.

You can go shopping for surgical case carts at any time through the team at Distribution Systems International. We would be happy to provide you with a free quote and estimate.

What are the right surgical case carts for my hospital?

Determining the right surgical case carts for your organization will depend on a few factors. First, consider the equipment, medication, or tools you will need at your workstations. Next, factor in the number of utility carts your healthcare office can store effectively. Finally, choose a design that can accommodate a variety of use cases with unique features and accessories. 

You are welcome to call Distribution Systems International at any time to speak with a trained expert about solution designs.

Is there a way to organize enclosed surgical case carts?

Case carts for surgery can quickly become disorganized in a high-impact or high-traffic department. To account for this, it will be important to organize your supplies with drawers, dividers, cabinets, and other storage options. Distribution Systems International customers have access to hundreds of different storage styles and solutions and are welcome to shop online with us at any time.

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