Medical Storage Cabinets: Are They Enough to Control Expenditure?

/ By DSI Marketing TeamAugust 15, 2022

Cost efficiency in health facilities aims to increase productivity while decreasing workloads and expenses. Unnecessary expenditures, ineffective processes, and useless equipment and supplies negatively influence staff and patient satisfaction.

However, most healthcare facilities continue to struggle with increasing overall efficiency. Top contenders for the cause include staff deficit, rising admissions, and rising living expenses, but equipment and procedure problems are also to blame.

Having something as multi-functional as medical storage solutions contributes significantly to streamlining processes and reasonably cutting costs.

Actual Cost of Medical Supply Expenses

Hospitals and other healthcare institutions spend millions on medical supplies every year. The scope of such expenses and the strong pressure they face in controlling costs illustrate the need for better management of supply chains.

As many hospitals have operating margins below double digits, a slight improvement in medical storage solutions could have a significant impact on their overall revenue.

Evaluations and efforts must be made to drive down hospital costs from all aspects and to explore every possible improvement opportunity. Health facility leaders should take steps forward to make their facilities a leaner, more efficient, and more disciplined organization by assessing their current spending, environment, and workflows.

Operational tools, like medical storage carts, are an excellent place to start. With the number of functions, such equipment renders to patient-centered facilities, having them will reduce operational costs and improve process efficiency and patient care quality.

Various Uses of Medical Supply Storage Cabinets

Warehouses, hospitals, laboratories, and educational institutions need bulk storage such as medical storage cabinets to keep high-alert supplies, valuable equipment, and confidential documents safe and accessible.

Medical cabinets serve this purpose, among others:

  • Keep medical supplies and equipment clean and easy to access - Emergency and first aid kits should be kept in a safe, hygienic, and organized container or shelves, so they are accessible to staff. A good example is a storage cart for personal protective equipment or PPE.
  • Store chemicals and hazardous waste and prevent accidents - It is essential that all medical and scientific facilities have dedicated hazardous waste and chemical cabinets. Such should be flame and corrosion-resistant and locking doors. The racks or shelves inside should allow for easy visibility of labels to reinforce safety.

Advantages of High-Quality Medical Storage Systems

The proper medical storage bins for your facility will bring tangible and intangible benefits, all promoting the growth of your business and improving your patient care.

  • Time-efficient - An organized storage system allows hospital staff to navigate smoothly and quickly during codes and simple treatments. Visible labels and clustering of like items allow for easy access to supplies and tools.
  • Cost-effective - When you keep your inventory on track, you also keep track of your expenses. You know what you have on hand and what you need to replenish. Cabinets also lessen the need to spend on unnecessary repairs and replacements. You only have to schedule regular maintenance.
  • Promotes Safety - Clutter poses a risk for accidents. The presence of medical storage bins removes piles of supplies and equipment out of the way. Additionally, the mobility of most designs prevents the need to rush back and forth to and from the central supply unit.

4 Different Types of Medical Storage Solutions

Hospital medical supplies storage options include supply rooms, mobile supply carts, and cabinets. Often, such facilities store the bulk of their supplies in a storage room and stock supplies on patient floors in carts or cabinets. Each type comes with a benefit and a more focused use:

1. Medical Storage

In most hospitals, medical supplies, including first aid products, intravenous solutions, tubings, personal protective equipment, personal care items, orthopedic supplies, and many others, are stored in a medical supply room or warehouse.

The assigned personnel are responsible for maintaining adequate stocks of items and reordering when necessary. Supplies are requested from it by departments such as the emergency room, operating room, and intensive care unit. The supplies are then transported to them.

2. Medical Supply Carts

Medical supply carts are mobile. Nursing and technical staff can use them to transport supplies from one patient room to another, even between floors. They can travel without having to worry about carrying supplies. Medical supply carts also reduce the time nurses and other staff spend finding supplies. 

3. Medical Storage Bins

Medical storage bins help improve efficiency in pharmacies, hospitals, doctor surgeries, aged care facilities, and or medical offices by keeping everything sanitary, safe, clean, neat, and organized. Being stackable, they provide easy visuals and aid in stock control. They are best used for medical consumables like bandages, gauze, and tapes.

4. Medical Wire Shelving

A medical wire shelving system allows for ventilation. The mesh wire construction allows for flow-through ventilation around all levels, storage bins, and trays. It combats dirt, dust, and condensation buildup and is especially important for hospital storage systems where sterilization and dryness are critical. 

Invest in High-Quality Medical Supply Storage Solutions

At DSI Direct, we are dedicated to providing high-quality storage systems solutions for every health and manufacturing facility.We have over twenty years of solving organizational challenges, especially sterile instrument storage concerns in medical settings. Contact our team today at (800) 393-6090 to learn more about our services. We look forward to guidi

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